DELISH Experiences started with the thought of bringing together a passion and a great appetite for food with the joy of being around people and being a good host.

My passion for food transformed afterwards in tastings and research, while my desire to offer you only the best carried me in journey that goes from cooking classes to receiving the tourism guide certification. All the knowledge and experience was followed by the sommelier certification.

I considered these steps to be necessary before starting a culinary journey in Romania

You will discover Romania through culinary tastings linked with history, culture and traditions, the way we see them as locals.

Our events are organized with the aim to create a relaxed atmosphere, where you can use your senses and savor both the experience and the dishes among friends for a couple of hours.

Welcome at our table,
Georgiana, Owner Delish Experiences

What do we offer?

Food and drinks prepared in Romania
An authentic experience that you will not live if you only read about it in a travel guide or hear it as a suggestion
A seat at the table alongside old or new friends
Tips and personal recommendations about Bucharest gastronomy and not only