Food Tours

Hungry for history food tour

Taste some of the most popular Romanian food. See contrasts between buildings and talk about changes between "then" and now. Let the culture and stories of the city surprise you!
A platter with local products

Bucharest neighborhoods food tour

Discover a less touristic, trendy neighborhood. Travel around Romania through its food. Taste a variety of products from local producers. See a different side of Bucharest and discover its stories.

Bucharest communism tour: highlights and small bites

Embark on a communist journey.  Taste some bites of the communist food. Hear the untold stories. A tour that has a bit of everything.

City lights, history and food tour

Taste delicious Romanian food. Enjoy a cocktail created right on the spot. Admire the sunset over Bucharest's old town.

Tour comunista de Bucarest con bocadillos

Un recorrido que no debes perderte si quieres aprender más sobre el comunismo y cómo cambió la vida de muchos rumanos.
Best Dealu Mare Wine tour by Delish Experiences

Good wine and Good Time | Wine tour

A memorable experience in the best Romanian wine region. Indulge in a wine tasting. Admire endless hills covered with vineyards.