Yes, we organise private tours. We can offer various tours outside the standard ones. The minimum number of people for organising private tours is 8. In order to receive a personalized offer and details about availability, please send us a message through the contact section or directly to


Go to BOOK A TOUR page, select the tour you want, complete the data requested on the right section and click BOOK NOW. A new page will open where you need to complete all the data requested for your order to be processed. If you need a company invoice please make sure you fill in the details in this page. Select one of the online payments methods, read & accept the Terms and Conditions and place the order.

On HOME page you have the option MAKE A GIFT. Complete the data and then Add to cart. Once you’ve finished shopping, click on your cart, complete the requested data and proceed to checkout.

We currently offer you 2 options for pay: online payments through PayPal or bank transfer.
In case you choose to make a bank transfer, please send us a booking request at with tour name, number of tickets and date of the tour. If we confirm tickets are available, you will need to send the following data for invoicing and easy contact: full name, full address and phone number. Once we receive the bank confirmation of your payment your booking is complete.

Our tours run according to the event calendar, no matter the weather. So if you want to cancel a tour, the rule is that you need to announce us with 7 full days, until 23:59 the latest, before the day we run the tour. In order to avoid misunderstandings, 7 full days before the tour starts means that if the tour is on 9th of March, you need to announce the cancelation on 1st of March 23:59 the latest. To cancel a order, please send an email to mentioning your order number and name.

In case there are no seats available, we do not have a waiting list for that tour. You can send us a message via the CONTACT section and we will reply to you if we have any alternative we can offer you (another day, another tour, etc.)

General questions

Briefly, we organize food tours where you savour dishes among stories and friends. We taste food and/or drinks in various eating houses, restaurants, food shops or other hangouts in Bucharest. A walking tour is around 3-4 hours long.

Romanian cuisine is rich in dishes based on meat, dairy, flour. If you have food or drinks allergies, write them down on the booking form and we will do our best to meet your specific needs. We aim to answer the needs of each of our clients, however bare in mind that not always we will be able to replace all the dishes/products we will be tasting.

Tastings follow a certain theme or story. Depending on the theme, you can savour traditional or modern food, remake products. All these are sprinkled with a glass of wine or another drink, depending on the tour. Please bare in mind that at each stop at a restaurant/food shop you should expect a tasting (either a dish or more, either a drink, or in some cases even both).

At this moment our tours are delivered in English.

Shortly after we begin our walk, you will have the first tasting. If you want to eat before, we recommend you have a very light snack. Please consider also the fact that we are having several bites during the whole tour.


Please print the complete order confirmation or save it on an electronic device at hand. Before starting our walk, the guide will ask for your order data. Also, we recommend to have at all times an ID with you.

We recommend a comfortable outfit and shoes, according to the weather forecast. To be avoided high heels as you won’t feel comfortable walking.
Our tours run no matter the season. We advice you to have at hand summer/winter cap, umbrella, raining coat, gloves, etc., depending on the season.

You can find the map of the meeting point and how to get there in the first page of the tour description. Nevertheless, if after booking a tour there is any change in the meeting point, you will receive a message with all the details.

Please come 15 minutes before the tour starts. We use this time to get to know each other and to present you some routine details and essentials for running the tour. Right away after the tour starts, we will walk towards our first stop. We recommend you to be on time. We aim to offer good services for our guests which makes us to leave from the meeting point on time.


On average, the length of a tour is around 3 – 4 hours. In the description of each tour, we specify how long is the tour. Please verify this before booking a tour.

We generally organize tours with maximum 12-14 people depending on the tour. This way we can take care of everybody and we can maintain the friendly spirit of the group. For private tours, based on your needs, the number of participants can differ from the one mentioned before.

That’s very easy. Our guide will have a signboard with the name “DELISH EXPERIENCES”

Distances can vary depending on the tour, usually around 3-6 km (1.9 – 3.8 miles). Before booking a tour, please read in the tour description the walking distance and decide if you want to join us.

When we plan a tour, we aim easy access for people with disabilities. However, sometimes we might face constraints related to easy access into certain buildings. Before booking a tour, please ask us about the access for people with disabilities for the desired tour.