General questions

Briefly, we organize food tours where you savour dishes among stories and friends. We taste food and/or drinks in various eating houses, restaurants, food shops or other hangouts in Bucharest. A walking tour is around 3-4 hours long.

Romanian cuisine is rich in dishes based on meat, dairy, flour. If you have food or drinks allergies, write them down on the booking form and we will do our best to meet your specific needs. We aim to answer the needs of each of our clients, however bare in mind that not always we will be able to replace all the dishes/products we will be tasting.

Tastings follow a certain theme or story. Depending on the theme, you can savour traditional or modern food, remake products. All these are sprinkled with a glass of wine or another drink, depending on the tour. Please bare in mind that at each stop at a restaurant/food shop you should expect a tasting (either a dish or more, either a drink, or in some cases even both).

At this moment our tours are delivered in English.

Shortly after we begin our walk, you will have the first tasting. If you want to eat before, we recommend you have a very light snack. Please consider also the fact that we are having several bites during the whole tour.