Experience Bucharest

Experience Bucharest

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In May, Bucharest has been a hot spot for more than 100 influencers.

Experience Bucharest painted the city as a diverse urban space: not only with people that know how to party, but also with lots of cultural and architectural spots, street art, delicious food, hidden gems and beautiful parks.

If you’re wondering what have been the highlights of the 5 full days, well, let’s see:
1. Museum of Romanian Records visit and party on the rooftop

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2. Lots of tours and experiences for the guests

If you want to have a glimpse on our Tasting Bucharest tour (a special version of the Time Traveling Tastings tour), have a look on our food tours.

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_MG_2694  _MG_2759

3. Motorcycle ride and party in a double decker. Not to mention dancing in the streets of the Old Town.


4. And the cherry on top, an amazing experience at Academia Titi Aur where we not only learnt about safety when driving, but did also some spectacular test drives.

DSC05390  DSC05541

This has been the work of a big hearted team of volunteers, with lots of passion and crazy ideas that were brought to life. And the best reward is the fabulous feedback that we received from our guests telling us that they will miss us already once the project was finished.

Come and meet us! Experience Bucharest!

Photo Credits: Alin Popescu and Dragos Voicu


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